NEW! Featured in current exhibit, "Only the Best"

Alma Mater 2  36x54  oc  $4,200 fr

Jackie Sawdust  48x54  ob  $5,200 fr

Agnes  22x35  oc  $1,300

Arboretum Tuesday  27x32  oc  $1,600  uf

Bazaar Dawn  30x40.5  op  $2,400 fr

Big Plein Pearle  44x55  op  SOLD


Blondie 19x23.5 op SOLD

Blue Edge Hotspot  30x40  oc  $1,600

Blue Iris  32x51  op  $3,000*

June  19x19  op  SOLD

Lola  27.5x33.5  op  $1,700 fr

Lone Star Shade  17.5x24  ob  SOLD

Lone Star Winter  35x40  oc  $2,800 uf*

Mrs Raab  26x30  oc  $1,300

Old Ford  16x26  op  SOLD

Piper 27x37 op $,1,700

Red Top Original  35x34  oc  $1,600

Ros  20x44  oc  $1,600

Semi-Stego  42.5x40.5  op  $4,200 fr*

Supercar Weekend  40x48  oc  $2,200

Trixie  20x21  oc  SOLD

Vivian  22x12.5  ob  $1,100

Victoria  24x45  ob  $2,200 fr

View of Mrs. Chandler  24x36  oc  $1,800

*not currently at the gallery, but may still be available for sale