William S Burroughs

Burning Heavens   11x14  mixed media on paper  $1,000 fr

Black Holes  32x20   mixed media on paper  $5,000 fr

Mista Kurtz He Dead   mm on wood with bullet holes and base   $6,000 

Mista Kurtz He Dead (date and signature detail) 

Mista Kurtz He Dead (bullet holes detail)

Red Harlequin  30x22  mixed media on paper  $5,000 fr

S. Freud Renouncing Deflectors, Detractors, and Cod-Eyed Bafoons    27.5x21.5  mixed media on paper   $5,000 fr

Undersea Scene  23x17.5  acrylic on paper  $5,000 fr

Untitled (Diptych) Parts A & B    14x22  acrylic on canvas   $6,000 uf

Untitled (Diptych) Segment A    14x11  acrylic on canvas   uf

Untitled (Diptych) Segment B    14x11  acrylic on canvas   uf

Untitled (Scrapemarks - a collaboration with George Condo)  24x20   mixed media on canvas    $15,000 fr

Untitled (White Marks)  23x17.5  acrylic on paper  $2,500 fr

Untitled March 20, 1996   23x17.5  acrylic on paper  SOLD