Tim Forcade

“When we play with the idea that thought and experience are not the same, we begin to clearly experience what shows up. So as the World shows up for me, at times I’m resident enough to notice, wonder, and make pictures of whatever appears. “ 

“My pictures begin with objects. I work to suspend the viewer however briefly, in the spectacular uncertainty that appears when I look at the world. “

“What is that?  No idea.  Wow!  ...click.”

Since the 60's Tim has worked as a professional photographer shooting anything his clients could throw at him, from ice cream cones & designer fashions to photo illustration, and aerial photography. In 1977 he founded Forcade Associates—a photography and design production company. By the mid 1980's he had integrated computer graphics into Forcade Associates' practice as well as into his own experimental artworks.

 Tim has also participated in the emergence and evolution of 2D and 3D computer graphics as an artist, beta tester, author, and software development team member. This has enabled him not only to work with computer media as it evolved but to affect the media itself by interacting directly with its programmers and developers. For example, he helped develop the user interface and program functions for Character Studio—a human motion animation program used to create realistic character animation for feature films.

In 2006 he began exhibiting his work again after a 20 year hiatus—now showing large pigment prints. Since then his work has been published in Popular Photography magazine, received a number of International Photography Awards and has shown at The Center for Fine Art Photography (Ft. Collins, CO), Fetherston Gallery(Seattle), Lawrence Arts Center, and the Denver International Airport among others.