Suze Ford-Hernandez 

Suze Ford Hernandez artist photo

I find myself striving to make sense of it all. I am consumed with an excess of images, emotions, dreams, faith, expectations, gender, identity, journals and lyrics. It often creates an overwhelming feeling of chaos. These elements combine in my works as they do in life. Evolving at times arbitrarily, and unexpectedly each work creating their own DNA. The layers embody a history, past present and the foreshadowing of future paralleling the human experience. 

My work comes from the perspective of evolving stages of a woman's life, implied roles and expectations. I illustrate an optimistic view point on its melancholy and awkwardness. It is a sense of self-induced therapy. I push through every piece with a purpose to express a feeling so completely that others can feel the narrative. A viewer's personal experiences that they bring is what completes the story that I have merely began. I seek simple victories. I will be forever search to find purpose, clarity, balance, and serenity within chaos.

Suze Ford-Hernandez is currently the Plaza Art Fair Featured Artist!