Robert Blunk

Three Small Plates (image on right)  8x8  op  $250 (artist's frame)

Washday #3  6x6  op  $120 fr

Oil on panel (artist's frame)

Coastal Series - Eight Fish and Man  24x24  ob  $3,200 artist frame

White Cloud with Red Mark (artist frame)  24x24  ob  $3,200

Four Fish (artist frame)  24x24  op  $3,200

Man with Fish on Head (artist frame)  24x24  ob  $3,200


FIelds Near Pittsburg, KS  23.5x17.5  gouache on paper  $1,440 uf

Snow Patches - Minden Mines, MO  17.5x23.5  gouache on paper  $1,440 uf

Stonington Elements  11x15  gouache  $540 uf

Wisconsin Spring II  23.5x17.5  gouache on paper  $1,440 uf

Field at Pittsburg, KS  23.5x17.5  gouache on paper  $1,440 uf

Darrell with Fish  15.5x11.5  gouache  $720 fr