Robert Blunk

Black Walnuts in Bowl  8x8  op  $200 fr

Blue and Orange Study  8x8  op  SOLD

Blue Cat in Room  8x8  op  $200 fr

Blue Fish on Red  6x6  op  $120 fr SOLD

Blue Fish on Yellow  6x6  op  SOLD

Blue Jug  6x6  op  SOLDfr

Blue Pitcher on White Table  8.5x8.5  op  $240

Bottles  6x6  op  $120 fr

Jug with Yellow Background  6x6  op  SOLD

Kitchen Ware  6x6  op  $120 fr

Orchard  6x6  op  SOLD

Still Life with White Objects  6x6  op  $120 fr

Lemons in Window, Blue Fish (img. on right)  6x6  op SOLD

Three Small Plates (image on right)  8x8  op  $250 (artist's frame)

Two Blue Chairs (image on right)  6x6  op SOLD fr (artist's frame) 

Still Life with White Pitcher  6x6  op  SOLD

Turkey on Wild Table  6x6  op  SOLD

Washday #3  6x6  op  $120 fr

White Chair, Blue Fish  8x8  op  SOLD

Oil on panel (artist's frame)

Coastal Series - Eight Fish and Man  24x24  ob  $3,200 artist frame

White Cloud with Red Mark (artist frame)  24x24  ob  $3,200

Four Fish (artist frame)  24x24  op  $3,200

Man with Fish on Head (artist frame)  24x24  ob  $3,200


Coming In  10.5x15  gouache on paper  $550 uf

FIelds Near Pittsburg, KS  23.5x17.5  gouache on paper  $1,440 uf

Looking South, Stonington Harbor  10.5x15  gouache on paper  $550 uf

Moon to the South  10.5x15  gouache on paper  $550 uf

Red Sky Morning  10.5x15  gouache on paper  $550 uf

Sand Beach with Bouys  10.5x15  gouache on paper  $550 uf

Snow Patches - Minden Mines, MO  17.5x23.5  gouache on paper  $1,440 uf

Stonington Elements  11x15  gouache  $540 uf

Stonington Study  10.5x15  gouache on paper  $550 uf

Wisconsin Spring II  23.5x17.5  gouache on paper  $1,440 uf

Field at Pittsburg, KS  23.5x17.5  gouache on paper  $1,440 uf

Darrell with Fish  15.5x11.5  gouache  $720 fr