Artist Statement:

Social media has become the virtual confessional for the contemporary conscience; a single line status update has become a source of emotional cleansing. The polished selfie becomes a throwback to the aristocratic portraits of the Rococo era in a proclamation of social status; an internal battle with vanity and a need for praise, validation, and acceptance. A voice heard, a life noticed.

Abstraction has become my social media. I approach the canvas and project my own emotional status update using both my own ideas, raw personal experiences, and observed situations. I'm interested in the idea that regardless of imagery or subject matter within a space, use of specific color relationships within abstract forms sets the stage for my own visual narrative, my own emotional purging. Color and suggested forms revealed within my process can inspire ideas which address moral, spiritual, or social meaning. Within abstract compositions I find comfort within the ambiguity which becomes faintly familiar and comforting to the viewer, like a song you once heard...the flirtatious glance from across a crowded room... the whiff of perfume of a lost love... Similar to individual personalities, colors interact differently as they adapt to their contextual environment. As with human and animal personalities, social situations, illumination, and context each alter color behavior and define the mood of a painting. Raw, emotional, and personal. Intentional, discriminate application of color reflecting upon the canvas has become my news feed.