Ralph Fontenot

Abdication  28x20  wc  $1,700 fr

Backorder  9x12  wc  $415 fr

Book 2  6x9  wc  $240 fr

Beauties and the Beast  28x20  wc  $1,700 fr

Before and On Sunset  9x13  wc  $420

Castle Kimble  10x14 wc $485

Brief Encounter  10x28 wc $880

Cedars, Cottonwoods, Corn  10x14 wc $495

Clouds and Angus Are Above Us  20x28  wc  $1,500

Coal and Corn  26x36 wc SOLD

College and Kimball  8x12 wc $380

Coming Home To Keats  16x20 wc $980

Corn in the Corner 13x9 wc $420

Corn in the Corner 13x9 wc $420

Cows, Clouds, Coneflowers  10x20 wc $650

Ingenuous  8x12 wc $360

Not Just the Two of Us   9.5x13  wc  $420

Purple Graze  8x10  wc  $300 fr

Nestled  7x28  wc  $600

The Long Of It  8x30  wc  $800

Sleeping Beauties  28x20  wc  $1,700 fr

Snow Whites  28x20  wc  $1,700 fr

Smoky Hill River 20x28 wc $1,700

Soccer At The Major's House  8x12 wc $360

Triangulations With Trees At The Corners US 177   8x12  wc  $360

Valley Road  13x20.5  wc SOLD

Winter Dress  16x20 wc  SOLD

When The Fog Lifts  10x20 wc $650

Where The Art Is Up 13x9 wc $420 fr