Patricia Barry Levy

Red Canoe  19x12  photo print  $420 uf, $575 fr

Red Canoe  19x12  photo print  $420 uf, $575 fr

Remix #1 19x12  photo print  $420 uf, $575 fr

Remix #2 19x12  photo print  $420 uf, $575 fr

Moon Phases 15x15  photo print  $420 uf, $570 fr

Tethered Depot 19x12  photo print  SOLD

These are pigment prints, and can be printed in different sizes. We currently have unframed prints in our first floor gallery, and they are priced as following:

7 x 7 print is $170

11 x 11 print is $310

Balancing House

Bird Song

Book Wings

Boy Flier

Breakaway Moon

Eleven Days

Every Bird

Fallen Feather

Feather House

Fire Flower

Fitting In

Forty Acres

Grassy Redux

Hats Off

Home Field

Homestead Gown

Nature Boy

Opening Day


Prairie Stars

Red Shoes

Road Trip

Rock Music

Rooted House

Round & Round

Show Time

Storm Coming

Walking House

Windup Bird

Windy Road