Nora Othic

For some time now I have been referring to myself as a Neo-Regionalist.  It is my own term and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but also an accurate description.  I am combining the subject matter and bravura attitude of artists like Benton and Woods with the elevation of everyday life and objects to an iconic status that is characteristic of the Pop movement.  I throw in bits and pieces of Baroque, Modern and cartoon art...anything is fair game.

I try to make my work many-layered, both in meaning and technique.  A drawing of a bull is just that, an exploration of the form of the actual animal, but it is also an experiment in color, line, and composition, and a venture into the psychology of human/bovine relations.  There is always an undercurrent of humor in my work.  This may just be the fact that I'm depicting a heroic dachshund or an elegant swine, or it may be something more subtle, as in an improbable aqua sky.

Looking at my own work over several years, my interest in the ordinary aspects of life, particularly that of rural areas or small towns, has not changed.  What has  evolved is a growing confidence that allows me to make the work as abrasive, humorous and/or energetic as I want it to be