NEW! Featured in current exhibit, "Swan Song"

Brown Thrasher (Spring)  30x12  oil  $700 fr

Indigo Blue Bunting (Summer)  30x12  oil  $700 fr

Red WInged Blackbird (Fall)  30x12  oil  $700 fr

White-Throated Sparrow  30x12  oil $700 fr

Blue Shadow on Bridge  16x16  oil  $450 fr

Creek Bank, March  8x10  oil  $225 fr

Dirt Road in August  11x14  oil  $300 fr

Duck Pond, Woods  22x26  oil  $600 fr

Goats, Weeds  24x48  oil  SOLD

(Green) Trees in Spring  10x8  oil  $225 fr

Grey Lop, Water Dish  5x7  oil SOLD

Little Shed Over the Hills  8x10  oil SOLD

Little Stream, Woods, January  8x10  oil SOLD

Missouri Snow Scene  8x10  oil  $225 fr

Mullein in a Landscape  16x16  oil  $450 fr

Red Bridge, August  16x20  oil  $450 fr

The Creek, Low in Summer  5x7  oil  $150 fr

Three Clydesdales  29x37  pastel  $1,200 fr

Two Draft Horses, Barn  21x27  pastel  $800 fr

Two Draft Horses, Three Men, Dog  29x37  pastel  $1,200 fr

Two Shetland Ponies  12x16  oil  $300 fr

Two Shetlands, Shade Tree 16x16  oil $450 fr

Weeds, Edge of Woods  20x26  oil  400 uf

Weedy Patch  20x20  oil  $550 fr

Wind in the Corn  26x22  oil  $600 fr

Wooded Hill, Yellow Flowers  18x12  oil SOLD

Yellow Creek, Overhanging Trees  5x7  oil  $150 fr


Century Farm  12x16  oc  $400 fr

Coal Cars, Railroad Ties  8x10   oc  $250 fr

Field, Trees  10X14  oc  $350 fr

Screened-In Porch  8x10  op  $200 fr

Summer Trees  5x8  mm  $175 fr

Three Houses in Spring, Maple  12x16  oc  $400 fr

Trees Behind Studio  8x10  oc  $200 fr

Two Coal Cars  8x10  oc  $250 fr


Corn I  11x8 Lithograph 7of20 $310 fr

Rex  7.75x5  Lithograph 1of20  $220 fr

Margarita Glasses  8x5  lithograph  $125 fr

Milkweed  8x5  lithograph  $125 fr

Pinecones  8x5  lithograph  $125 fr