I am so grateful to have grown up in Sidney, NE. Sidney, perhaps now better known because of Cabela's Sporting Goods, was a small town in western Nebraska in my childhood. Riding my horse, fishing, hiking in the nearby bluffs, ice skating, art, interacting with my three siblings, playing the flute, Exchange Student to Australia, involvement in student government, working in my mom's bookstore, are a few highlights of my youth. Moving into adulthood my cup overflows with my husband of almost five decades, two sons, six grandchildren, precious friendships, and a vibrant faith!

I graduated from the University of Nebraska with a B.F.A. in education. Upon graduation I had the delightful time of teaching Junior High Art for three years in the Lincoln public schools. I loved my students!

An unplanned opportunity opened the proverbial door for me to begin my painting career and leave the teaching position. The majority of my painting years dealt with the impacts of light on simple ordinary objects through my Realism style. 
In the latter years of my career, much to my surprise, I came to a deeper place of tremendous internal freedom and joy. The shift to Abstract was unstoppable! What a thrill and challenge to move into a loose and animated style of painting.

Exploration of color, shapes, surface activity, and mirroring happen on my canvases. I relish the spontaneity, playfulness, intrigue, and joy that flow as I paint. My work is rooted in the reflections and connections that happen in our relationships, our actions, and our desires. I must add, that in the flow of spontaneity there naturally unfolds strokes of intentionality. Now isn’t it true, that in order to have rich relationships there must be actions of being intentional?
Such fullness of life we were made for and from! I want my work to mirror that. If that happens the viewer will be uplifted in one way or another, even if they don’t know why. Considering this, I find my Abstracts generally fall into one of three groupings – Adventuresome Abstracts, Restful Abstracts, and Relational Abstracts. Adventure, Rest, Relationships – all good stuff!

Over the years my paintings have received various awards and I have been accepted in several prestigious art fairs, including the Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver, Colorado; the Coconut Grove Art Festival in Miami, Florida; the Des Moines Art Fair in Des Moines, Iowa; and the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, Missouri. I am also a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.


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