NEW to the Gallery!

All That Jazz  20x20  ac  $600

Being Stretched  8x8  ac  $150

Breezin' Through  30x30  ac  $1,300

Bucolic  20x20  ac  $600

Carry On  8x8  ac  $150

Exclamation  40x30  ac  $1,800

Getting It  20x20  ac  $600

How Does Your Garden Grow  12x12  ac  $250

Idea  8x8  ac  $150

In The Mood  12x12  ac  $250

It Takes Time  8x8  ac  $150

Lifted Up  12x12  ac  $250

Making Adjustments  8x8  ac  $150

Pick Me Up  12x12  ac  $250

Ponder  8x8  ac  $150

Primary Going Deeper  12x12  ac  $250

Problem Solving  12x12  ac  $250

Pursue  8x8  ac  $150

Resilient  12x12  ac  $250

Resurgence  30x30  ac  $1,300

Stepping Stones  30x40  ac  $1,800

Within Reach  40x30  ac  $1,800

Take The Risk  12x12  ac  $250

Take The Risk  12x12  ac  $250

Thinking About It  8x8  ac  $150

With Punch  12x12  ac  $250

Harvest Time  48x30  ac  $2,100

Reflect  30x30  ac  $1,300

See Beyond Boundaries  36x36  ac  $1,900

Tickled Pink  12x12  ac  $250