As They Pass  10x12  op  $1,700

At the End of the Road  6x8  op  $575

At the Lookout  6x8  op  $575

Barnyard  6x8  oc  $575

Been There for a While  9x7  oc  $700 fr

Building Storm  24x30  op  SOLD

Eve on the River  6x8  op  $575

Last of the Snow Days  8x10  oc  $1,000

Last Second  11x14  oc  $2,000

Late Evening Flight  18x24  oc  $3,400

Life Begins with Light   20x24  oc  SOLD

Light Show  24x30  oc  SOLD

Lightening Study  6x8  oc  $575

Old Farmstead  6x8  op  $575

Peeking Out  11x14  oc  $2,000 fr

Queen of the Flint Hills  11x14  oc  $2,000

Renewal  30x40  oc  $7,800 fr

Small Roads, Large Spaces  16x20  oc  $2,800 fr

Strength and Beauty  11x14  oc  $2,000

Sunset and Campfires  6x8  oc  SOLD

The Red Barn  7x9  oc  $700

Water, Fire and Smoke  20x24  oc  SOLD

Winter's Warmth  10x12  op  $1,700

Waterworks  18x24  oc  $3,000