Marie Mason

Cave II  48x36  oc  $2,400  uf

Backbone  40x30 acrylic on paper  $800 uf

Cloud Chaser 30x40 oc  $1,400

Dogs and Cats Rock  41x30  acrylic on paper  SOLD

Early Spring  42x30  ap  SOLD

In the Moonlight  30x40  acrylic on paper  $800 uf

Elijah's Wing  40x30  acrylic on paper  $800 uf

Kitchen Goddess (Remember Her, She Kept Such a Clean Kitchen)  40x32  acrylic on paper  SOLD

Master Gardener in Winter  29x21  acrylic on paper  SOLD

Mysteries of Spring 2   39x32  acrylic on paper  SOLD

Prairie Musicians  29.5x41  acrylic on paper  SOLD

Small Black Dog in Spring  40x30  oc  $1,400  uf

Red Bud  48x36  oc  $2,400  uf

Studio Dogs  42x30  ap  $1,890  uf

Summer Garden (Hostas)  22x30  acrylic on paper  $650 fr

Summer Garden I  48x36  oc  $2,400  uf

Summer Garden II  40x30  oc  $1,400  uf 

Tulips  40x30  oc  $1,400  uf

Yellow Dog in Spring  40x30  oc  $1,400  uf 

The Visit  40x30  acrylic on paper  $800 uf

Waiting for Spring   48x58   acrylic on canvas  SOLD

Wing  40x30  acrylic on paper  $800 uf