24  7x6  wc  $175

Autonoman and Mannequin  13x10  wc  $475

Corner Kitchen  10x6  wc $275

Carnival in Venice  7x11  wc  $225 fr

Festival Procession  14x21  wc  SOLD

Tangle and Twine  9.75x16.75  wc  $475 fr 

Laughing Cavalier - Circa 21st Century  12.5x8.5  wc  $475 fr

Old Stone, New Growth #2  6x4  wc  $95 fr

Summer Celebration - Saga City 14x9.75   wc  $475 fr

Processional Torches  5x7  wc  $65 uf

The Blue House, Metepec  10x14  wc  $475

The Conductor  13x21  wc  $1,125

Wurlitzer  5x7  wc  $65 uf

Waiting for Lunch  9.5x13.5  wc  SOLD 

Young Musician  4x4  wc  $55 uf