Marcia Streepy

Fashion Model  14x11  wc  $130

Going to Kansas City  24x18  oc  SOLD

Last Minute Stitch  40x30  oc  $1,700 

Mad Women  48x36  oc  $2,500  uf

Old Dress Form  30x24  oil  $800

Out on a Rock  48x36  oc  $2,500  uf

Stepping Out  48x36  oc  $2,500  uf

Patricia, 40 x 30, oc, $1700.jpg

Patriotic McCall  14x11  wc  SOLD

Pink Dress 1965  12x9  mm and wc  $130

Pristine  3.5x2.5  wc  $75 fr

Sewing Paraphenalia I  20x16  mm  $310

Sewing Paraphenalia II  20x16  mm  $310

Study for Duo  23x18.5  wc  SOLD 

Study for Madwoman  20x16  wc  SOLD

Study for Stepping Out  23x18.5  wc  SOLD

Study from Photo  23x18.5  wc  $200 

The Old Singer  24x18  oc  $500

The Photographer  48x36  oc  SOLD

The Right Fit  12x12  mm and wc  $130

Two Looking  9x9  mm and wc  $130

Wedding  12x12  mm and wc  SOLD