Marc Bosworth

Two main themes have been present in my work for quite awhile; the first involves gender preconceptions in society, while the second is a comparison of the idealized perceptions of childhood with a more grown-up version of reality. Since my marriage and the birth of my son several years ago, these themes have taken on a new relevance for me.

In exploring these ideas, I employ a variety of media – from printmaking, collage and works on paper, to constructed mixed-media paintings. My imagery, inspired mostly by pop art and abstract expressionist influences, is borrowed from sources as diverse as maps, repair manual diagrams, toys and hardware, comic books, and the posed men and women of department store clothing advertisements. Multiple layers of imagery, a diversity of textures and fragmented compositions suggest the contradictory and ever-evolving status of my thematic dialogue.
These days I wear several different hats - as a graphic designer, a teacher, an artist, a husband and a father. In both my art and my life, the challenge is always to find a balance.