Louis Copt Watercolors


Doorway, Lyon, France.  10x8 uf,  17x13 fr  $450

Doorway, Paradou, France  14x11 uf,  23x19 fr  wc  $650 

Provencal Tomatoes  6.5x10.5  wc  $395 fr

Blizzard 13x13 wc $445 fr

Deep in Winter 14x22 wc $600 uf

Fox Creek School 9x12 wc $325

Taylor Farm, Winter  5x7  wc  $190

Taylor Farm  8x10 wc $325

View From the Konza 15x22 wc $800 fr.

View of Lawrence from Clinton Lake  11x14  wc  $450

Vineland Winter  11x14  wc $450

Winter Barn 9x12 wc $325

Winter Landscape  15x22  wc  $950

Winter Farm  16x20 uf,  21x29 fr  wc  $975

Limestone Barn 10x40 wc  SOLD

Summer Road 20x60  watercolor  $1,200 uf

Sunrise Shadows   14x48  watercolor  $1,650

Survivor 11x30 wc $650 uf

Taylor Farm (panorama)  11x30  wc  $925

Winter Farm  14x48  watercolor  $1,650 uf

Witness to Winter  14x41  watercolor  $1,425 uf