Lisa Grossman Watercolors

Kansas Landscape Watercolors:

Color On the Kaw 2010  wc  6x7  SOLD

Color On the Kaw II 2010  wc  6x7  $250 uf

Kansas River Winding  16x23  wc  $1,100 fr

Kaw East - Deleware Tributary II  4.5x5  wc  $245 fr

Kaw - Near Vermillion Creek IV  3x5  wc  $270

 Kaw Near Spring Creek II  2010  wc  6x7  SOLD

 Kaw Near Spring Creek I  2010  wc  6x7  $250 uf

Kaw - Red Into Blue  16x24  wc  $1,100 fr

Kaw Serpentine I  2010  wc  6x7  $250 uf

Kaw Serpentine III  2010  wc  6x7  $250 uf

Kaw Serpentine IV 2010  wc  6x7  $250 uf

Lightning Bolt I   6x7  wc  $350 fr

Lightning Bolt II  6x7  wc  $350 fr

Lightning Strike II   8x12  wc  $420 fr

Lightning Strike III   8x12  wc  $420 fr 

Rolling Green  4.5x5  wc  $240 fr

Southwest and Other US Watercolors:

Badlands Hill - Painted Desert  3x5  wc  $260 fr

Balcony House - Manos and Metates  5x3 (ea)  wc  $500 fr

Baldy Cinco - From Snow Mesa  5x5  wc  $330

Baldy Cinco - From Snow Mesa II  5x5  wc  $330

Black Forest - Painted Desert  4.5x5  wc  $310

Continental Divide - On Snow Mesa  4.75x5  wc  $330

Long House - Mesa Verde II  6x7  wc  $465 fr

M.V. - Coyote Villiage Kivas and Tower  7x6  wc  $450 fr

Moraine Park Twilight  5.75x8  wc  $340

On Snow Mesa  4.75x5  wc  $330

Painted Desert Hill  4.5x5  wc  $310

Painted Hills  3x5  wc  $260

Painted Hills II  3x5  wc  $260

PEFO - Wilderness I  3x5   wc  $260

PEFO - Wilderness II  3x5   wc  $260

Red Hills I - Painted Desert  3x5  wc  $260

Red Hills II - Painted Desert  3x5  wc  $260

Sundown in Rocky Mt. National Park  6x9  wc  $365


Woodcut Prints:

River I  12x4 (image)  woodcut  $300 fr

River II  12x4 (image)  woodcut  $300 fr

River III  12x4 (image)  woodcut  $300 fr