Larry Welo

A Gathering in the Clearing   9x12  etching  $375 fr

After and Before  16x20  etching  $575 fr

An Unusual Destiny  22x12  etching  $550 fr

Division Street  8x10  etching  $375 fr

Dream House  16x20  etching  $800 fr

East of the Sun  6x8  etching  $275 fr

Happy Trails  8x10  etching  $400 fr

Landscape with Beacon  5x7  etching  $325 fr

Looking Glass  12x14  etching  $525 fr

Luigis  6x8  etching  $275 fr

My Old Ways   20x34  etching  $850 fr

New Moon  16x20  etching  $575 fr

New Moon  16x20  etching  $575 fr

Oasis  6x8  etching  $275 fr

Shady Characters  8x10  etching  $375 fr

So Long  6x8  etching  $325 fr

The Other Side  6x8   etching  $325 fr

The Outside Cat  18x14  etching  $500 fr

The Pastoral Scene  12x18  etching  $525 fr

The Road to Primrose  8x10  etching  $400 fr

The Sun and the Moon  20x16  etching  $575 fr

The Uneven Road  8x6  etching  $275 fr

Was  6x8  etching  $275 fr SOLD