Bright River (2012) 40x36  op  SOLD

Flatwater-Sun (2015)  36x40  oc  $5,500

Flatwater-Black (2013)  40x36  oc  $5,000

Kaw Through The Flint Hills  26x56  oc  $5,500 SOLD

Nightfall-Prairie River ll   20x24  oc  $1,600  fr

Prairie River - Catching Light (2015)   24x72  oc  $6,500

Prairie Serpentine  20x60  oc  SOLD

Long Horizontal:

Before Dark-Cloud Arc  9x36  oc  $1,400 fr

Black Prairie Hills (2016)  9x36  oc  SOLD

Burning Along Sharpes Creek II   4x16  op  $650 fr

Cloud Veil at Sundown  9x36  oc  $1,350 fr

Chase Co. Along Sharpes Creek I   4x16  op  $650 fr

Clouds at the Edges  4x16  op  $650 fr

Expanding Blue (2015)  12x36  oc  $1,500

Horizon Lines. Soft Gray (2015)  9x36  oc  $1,300

November Hills  9x36  oc  $1,350 fr

Prairie Valley - October  12x48  oc  $2,100 fr

Sky Line Sketch - Konza  4x16  ob  $650 fr

Winter Plains-Expanse  9x36  oc  $1,400  fr

Medium Horizontal:

Deeper Blue  6x12  op  $510 fr

Glow (2015)  6x12  op  $600

Konza Hills  10x20  oc  $975 fr

Konza Mound  15x30  oc  $1,530 fr

Orange Streak Sketch (2015)  6x12  op  $600

Pale Sky Lines - Konza  10x20 oc  $975 fr

Quiet Light (2014)  12x24  op  $1,100

River Road-Orange and Pink  6x12  oc  $510 fr

Smoke Filled Skies, Konza  9x20  op  $900 fr

Spring Hills (2016) 12x24   op  $1,185 fr

Spring Prairie Color (2015)  8x16  op  $700

Summer Sun Sketch  6x12  op  $575 fr

Sun Sketch  6x12  op  $530 fr

Twilight Spectrum (2014)  6x12  op  $650

Winter Plains  6x12  ob  $650 fr

Winter Plains-Near Solstice  12x24  op  $1,200  fr


Ahead of the Weather 26x32  $2,650 fr

All But Gone  20x24  oc  $1,925 fr

Blue Hills I (2015)  6x6  op  $450

Blue Hills II (2015)  6x6  op  $450

Cloud Blocking  26x28  oc  $2400 uf

Clouds Swift and Blue  20x22 op $1,600 fr

First Rain (2015)  26x28  oc  $2,400

Incoming (2015)  12x12  oc  $750

Konza October Clouds  26x28  oc  $1,950  fr

Orange Hills - Earth Shadow  20x22  $1,900 fr

Out of the Blue  44x48  oc  $7,000 uf

Prairie Twilight - Venus I   10x12  oc  $525 fr

Prairie Twilight - Venus III   10x12  oc  $525 fr

Reaching Sky  40x60 op  $8,000  uf

Smoke and Sun 22x24 oc $2,140 fr

Smoke in the Hills 26x32 oc $2,650 fr

Summer Lightning  14x16  op  $1,050 fr

Summer Red II  6x6  op  $435 fr

Sun Streak Sketch (2015)  6x6  op  $450

The Red Sky  9x12  oc  $600 fr

Weather--Night closing In  26x28  oc  $2,400 uf

Weather Watching (2015)  26x28  oc  $2,400

Winter's Light & Snow  22x24  oc  $2,000 fr

Winter's Red  20x24  oc  $2,000 fr

Winter Plains-Sketch  6x6  op  $500  fr

Yellow Hill  11x14  op  $875 fr


River Clouds  68x42  ac  $7,000  uf

*not currently in the gallery, but may still be available for sale.