Lacey Lewis Figurative

Allegory of the Artists Dilemma  14x11  op  $1,600

The Strawberry Siren II  36x18  oc  $4,200 fr

Venusian Queen  12x12  op  $1,500

Charcoal on Paper:

Allure  17.5x14.5  charcoal  $620 fr

Dan's Back  20x15.5  charcoal  SOLD

Katt with Her Boa  20x15  charcoal  $375

Retrospection 15x15  charcoal  $550 fr

Contemplation  14x20  charcoal  $675 fr

Poetry in Repose  14x19  charcoal  SOLD

Sara with Pearl Necklace  14x14  charcoal  $550 fr

Reverie  13x20.5  charcoal  $625 fr

Sinuous  15x18  charcoal  $650 fr

The Empress  14.5x19.5  charcoal  $625 fr

Scarlette Lost in Thought  19.75x15  charcoal  $725 fr

The Athlete  15x14  charcoal  SOLD

The Dark Robe  19.5x16  charcoal  $425 fr

Torso  19.75x14.75  charcoal  $675 fr