Kristin Goering

I grew up exploring the wilder parts of rural Kansas and central Colorado.  My interaction with these vast and sparsely populated landscapes created a connection with the land that is emotional as well as conceptual.  My paintings are a visual representation of that life-long connection.  I paint the things that move me, large and small.  I am drawn to the rhythm of crop rows and the shadows cast by trees or clouds on hillsides. While some may see emptiness amid all the space, I am excited by the way color, shape and value define the earth and sky.

I paint both in and out of the studio, adding and improvising from my sketches and photographs.  Rather than focus on a preconceived idea, I manipulate perspective, color, pattern and texture within the work.  As the paintings progress, I continue to react to these elements and therefore the images evolve as they are rendered.  My goal is to move beyond typical representationalism and extend the viewer’s concept of what is natural.  I hope my paintings convey the hidden complexity in what one sees in everyday life.