NEW! Featured in current exhibit, "Only the Best"

August Sky  12x6  ap  $195

Hope's Garden  36x12  ac  $1,075

Turkey Creek  12x6  ap  $195

Native Color no. 3 (Gray Headed Coneflower)  36x12  ac  $1,075

Catalina Road Coneflower  24x24  ac  $1,200

County Line Rd.  8x8  ac  $185

Moonlit  18x18  ap  $800

Morning  10x10  ap  $300

Tallgrass  8x8  ac  $185

WInter Creek  16x20  ac  $900 fr

Building Storm  20x16  ac  $585

Deep Creek, Graduation Morning  60x48  ap  $5,600

Cedar Creek  6x18  ab  $335

Co Op And Clearing Sky  24x18  ac  $1,075

Farm and Furrows  6x12  ap  $195

End Of Day May 11  30x15  ac  $1,125

Kansas River Evening, April  12x36  ac  $1,000

King's Creek  30x36  ac  $2,100

Lone Tree  20x16  ac  $585  uf

Moonrise  48x44  ap  $4,000

Republican River  24x36  ac  $1,825

River View  30x15  ac  $1,000

Sand Creek, North of Town  18x24  ac  $1,050

Still  6x6  ab  $110

Stone House and Wheat Stubble 20x20 ac $660