Kathleen Kuchar

Alone  11x9  acrylic on paper  $400

Break Through  36x30  ac  $1,600

Crossings  18x18  ab  $570

Energy Field  40x30  ab  $900 uf

Fish Stories  10x8  watercolor collage  $400 fr

Fish That Fly  10x8  wc monotype  $400

Make My Day  11x15  mm monotype  $600

Mapping the Future  18x18  ab  $570

Meditation  12x12  ac  $600

Meditation in Blue  18x18  ac  $570

My Second Fish  25x19  acrylic on paper  SOLD

New Life  23x18  acrylic on paper  $750

Playing Around  10x8  wc monotype  $400

Polarized Tower  12x12  ac  $600

Still Standing  12x12  ac  $600

Summer Sounds  28x21  acrylic on paper  $900

The Other Side  36x30  ac  $1,600

The Other Side II  22x30  watercolor & acrylic on paper  $750

Trout Revisited  32x42  ac  SOLD

Wish You Were Here  21x27  mm  $750 uf

Woven In Time  27x27  acrylic collage on wood  $1,800