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Artist Statement:

Growing up in the lava rock desert of southern Idaho gave Judy a love of wide-open spaces and beautiful skies

In 1964 she graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA degree, in painting and drawing. From there she moved with her first husband, Eric, and their baby daughter, Mercedes, to New Mexico, also a land of wide-open spaces. After several years they moved to Lincoln, NE and she earned her MFA degree in painting. In 1969 they moved to Manhattan to teach in the KSU Art Department where Judy taught watercolor, drawing, design and developed classes in the fiber arts as well as working independently with graduate students.

In the early 1970’s, due to the lack of a painting studio, Judy’s personal work moved from painting into expression through fiber art (i.e., basketry, weaving, and paper making, using natural local materials.) 

But in 1988 Judy returned to painting using pastels. Pastels are compressed sticks of pure pigment, the same pigments that are used in oil paints. The word Pastel, in this case, does not refer to soft muted colors. The directness of putting dry pigments onto paper gives Judy the freedom and control to shape the color spaces in her paintings. 

In 1994, Judy moved with her second husband, David, and her second daughter, Lily, to the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, where they continue to have many adventures. She returns frequently to remain connected with friends and the spirit of the land in the Flinthills. 

Many of her paintings are skyscapes of the ever-changing view from her own front yard in Zeandale, KS. All of the paintings are moments of connecting with the power of beauty.

Her work has intricacy without detail. By eliminating details, she is able to draw the viewer into the painting to experience the emotional presence of this particular place and time. Somehow Judy captures the spirit of the place and her paintings become windows to the divine peace and beauty of nature.