Judy Love

A Distant Front  18x30  pastel  $1,050 fr

Amber Waves  7x6  pastel  SOLD

A Narrow Passage  13x20  pastel  $570 fr

Before the Storm  13x17  pastel  $580 fr

Chase County Farm Pond  21x30  pastel  $1,355 fr

Cloud Ship  11x10  pastel  $300 fr

Dream Cloud #2  12.25x10  pastel  $340 fr 

Early Frost  17x13  pastel  $530

Evening Glow   30x22  pastel  $1,350 fr

Evening Hillside  9x6  pastel  $220 fr

Fall Grass  16.5x15  pastel  $535

Fire in the Sky 8x9 pastel $250 fr

Fall Afternoon, Kansas River Valley Near Zeandale  24x22  pastel  $615 fr

Flint Hills Blue  20x16  pastel  $425 fr

Looking North on 177, South of I-70  18x42  oc  $1,700 fr

Last Light  19x27  pastel  $1,030 fr

North and Up, Zeandale  10x7  pastel  $200 fr

Olsburg Solstice   14x30 pastel SOLD

Leading Edge  18x30  pastel  $1,115 fr

Prairie Clouds  14x23  pastel  $655 fr

Prairie Dawn Looking West  16.5x30  pastel  $800 fr

Reveille  14x20  pastel  $675

River Valley Fog  16x20  oc  $725 fr

Soft Evening  8x7  pastel  $215 fr

Springtime Winter Wheat  20x30 pastel  $1,200 fr

Springtime - Kansas Pasture  11x24  oc  $725 fr

Sunset Glow  12x30  pastel  $740 fr

Sunset Time  10x9  pastel  $260 fr

VIII - 7  7x9  pastel  $225 fr

Vast Concurrence  27x21  pastel $1,150 fr

Winter Day, Zeandale   20x15  pastel  $475 fr