Acadia Afternoon  11x14  op  $875

Achilles Last Stand  16x20  op  $1,680 fr*

And Into the Evening  18x24  op  $1,975 fr

Confessions, Saturday 4 to 5 pm  14x18  op  $1,250

Crowns of the Prairie 24x36  op  $3,250 fr *

Distant Rains  16x20  op  $1,650 fr

Doyle Creek Shade  12x16  ob  $975 fr*

Dusk on the Murdock Bridge  11x14  ob  $875

E Pluribus Unum  12x16  ob  $975  fr

Fall Arrangement  8x10  op  $575

Fall on the Cottonwood  16x20  op  $1,650

Fields of Autumn  11x14  op  $875

Frosting on the Bales  9x12  op  $675 fr*

Golden Pond  16x20  op  $1,650

Gratitude for Morning  12x16  op  $975 fr*

Hidden Ranch  16x20  op  $1,650

High Over Fox Creek  14x18  op  $1,075

Hill Country October  9x12  op  $650*

January Afternoon  16x20  op  $1,600 fr

Late December  16x20  ob  $1,600  fr

Lavendar Mist  11x14  op  $875

McDowell Creek Road  16x20  op  $1,650  fr *

Meditation On The Hills 16x20  $995

Missouri River Shoals  12x16  ob  $975  fr

Morning Glow  8x10  oc  $575

Morning Moonset  14x18  op  $1,350

My First Spring  18x24  op  $1,975 fr

New Year's Eve  11x14  op  $875 fr*

One More Rise  12x16  op  $975 fr*

Prairie Monarch  18x24  op  $1,975  fr

Rest in Place  16x20  op  $1,650 fr

Return Of The Prodigal  16x20  op  $1,650  fr*

Ripe for a Storm  16x20  op  $650 fr

Rolling In Chase County  10x20  op  $995  fr

Smoky Hill River  8x10  op  $575

September Road  16x20  op  $1,600 fr*

Showers, Ripening Wheat  9x12  op  $650

Showers, Ripening Wheat  9x12  op  $650

Silver Creek Morning  30x36  op  $4,250 fr

Snow Holiday  11x14  op  $875 fr*

Spring Ramble  8x10  op  $575

Spring Scooners  8x10  op  $575 fr

Sunset Ridge  18x24  op  $1,975*

The Big Prairie  8x8  op  $350  fr

The Fountain Gate24x36  op  $2,950  fr

The Kansas River, Fall  14x18  op  $1,250 fr*

Towering Thunder  12x10  op  $650 uf

Trinity Hill  20x30 op  $2,400 fr*

Under the Mulberry Trees  11x14  op  $875

Upland Ride  14x11  op  $875

Waiting for Spring  16x20  op  $1,650

Wake-up Song  8x10  op  $575 fr

When the Day is Done  12x16  op  $1,075

*not currently at the gallery, but may be available for sale. Please call us to find out!