John Kuhn

NEW! Featured in current exhibit, "Only the Best"

Black Plums  24x28  ac  $2,200

Red Orchid  30x40  ac  $3,600

Three Peppers  20x28  acrylic on canvas $2000 retail

White Orchid  32x42  acrylic on canvas  $3,600

Full House (Pears)  32x46  ac  $4,500 fr

Strawberries  24x30  ac  $2,200

7 Day Lilies  36x46  ac  $5,500**

Cinnamons  45x30  ac  $3,200 fr**

Cupcakes  28x28  ac  $2,400 fr**

Five Red Apples  42x42  ac  $5,700**

Iris  36x48  ac  $5,500**

Irises  40x32 ac  $4,500 fr**

Kisses 24x20  ac  $2,000 fr**

Orchids  36x48  ac  $5,500**

Red Day Lillies  32x40  ac  $4,500 fr**

Stand Your Ground  48x40  ac  $5,500**

Strawberries  48x48  ac  $6,000**

Sweet Spot  36x48  ac  $5,500**

**Not currently at our gallery, but may be available for sale upon request