A Walk in the Country II  18x24  oc  $2,750

Center Pivot  12x16  wc  $1,025

Composition Gordes  wc  9x11  $850

Dawn on the Levee  9x12 oil $875

Dawn Road Study  8x10  wc  $750

Dog Days  18x24  oil  $2,590

Early To Rise  9x12  op  $850

Dusk December  9x12  oc  $875 fr

Evening on the River  9x12  op  $1,000

Fall Stream  12x16  wc  $1,150

Flyaway  9x12  op  $850

Forest Primeval  9x12 oil  $875

Ghost Ranch  8x10  pastel  $750

Ghost Ranch I   12x16  wc  $1,150

Ghost Ranch III   20x30  wc  $3,200 

Her Master's Voice  9x12  ob  $1,000

Ghost Ranch IV   15x40  wc   $2,900

Heading Home  12x36  ol  $2,750 fr

Into the Valley of Light  12x36  ol  $2,750 fr

In the Spring Garden I   16x12  wc  $1,150

In the Spring Garden IV   12x16  wc  $1,150

Moonrise Manhattan   20x30  wc  $2,900

Morning  9x12  op  $850


Morning Field 8x10 oil  $750

Moon Walk  8x10  pastel  $750

Prairie Pastoral  18 x 24 inches  oil  $2,590

Queen of the Prairie18 x 24 oil $2,590

Snow Squall, Flint Hills  12x16  wc  $1,150 fr

Storm Clearing  9x12  op  $850

Sunflower Field  8x10  oil  $750

Swan Dance  12x16  wc  $1,150

The Flooded Field  12x16  wc  $1,150

The Good Earth   43x48  ob  Inquire for Price

The Grainaries  12x16  wc  $1,025

The Passage in Aix  15x11  wc   $950

The Street Musician, Venice  30x40  oc  $7,200

The Visitor  9x12  op  $850

The White Oak  8x10  oc  $750 

Trout Water II  20x30  wc  $3,200

Twin Oaks I  8x10 oil  $750

Twin Oaks II   9x12 oil  $875

View from the Rialto  18x24  oc  $2,590

Winter Thaw  9x12  ob  $1,000