Afternoon Light  6x12  wc  SOLD

Along For The Ride  5x9  wc  $200  fr

Along The Canal  5x9  wc  SOLD

Along The Drive  5x9  wc  SOLD

At Cliff's Edge  5x9  wc  SOLD

At The Impass  6x12  wc  SOLD

At The Western Pass  6x12  wc  SOLD

Fading Fast  5x9  wc  $200 fr


Florida Pine  5x9  wc SOLD

Eye Of The Beholder  11x8  wc  $310  fr

The First Angler  10x7  wc  $280  fr

Today's Celebrations  10x9  wc  $310  fr

Frank  4x8  wc  $150  fr

Home Bound  6x12  wc  SOLD

Heritage Of The Home  9x13  wc  SOLD

In To The Valley  7x10  wc  SOLD

Just A Glance  5x9  wc  $200  fr

Lookout On The Jean Pettite  4x8  wc  SOLD

Majestic Goose  5x9  wc  $200  fr

Momento Mori  5x9  wc  $200  fr

Rising Crimson  5x9  wc  SOLD