Jim Hagan


After The Rain  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Alma P.O.  11x15  wc  SOLD

Below Flagstaff  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Bluestem In The Snow  15x22  wc  $1,020 fr

Cedar and Sumac  9x12  wc  $390 fr

Come In  15x22  wc  $1,100 fr

Dinnertime  22x30  wc  $1,650 uf

Done for the Day  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Driftwood Reflection  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Evening Shadows  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Flooded  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Highlights  9x12  wc  $270 uf

In the Cold  15x22  wc  $1,100 fr

Lake at Carnahan Cove  11x15  wc  $525 fr

Late Rain  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Manhattan Skyline  15x22  wc  $1,020 fr

Misty Farmstead  22x30  wc  $1,900 fr

Puddle  15x22  wc  $825

Riodoso NM  7x9  wc  $180 uf

Snow Day  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Snow Shadows  22x30  wc  $1,650 uf

Spring's Gift  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Storms Aloft  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Summer Pond  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Sunlit Fall  9x12  wc  $270 uf

White Clapboards  9x12  wc  $390 fr

Top of the World, Marlatt Pasture East  9x12  wc  $390 fr

Winter Hedge Row  9x12  wc  $390 fr

Twilight  9x12  wc  $270 uf

Winter Wheat  15x22  wc  $825 uf

Wet Winter  9x12  wc  $390 fr

Oil or Acrylic

Across the Blue  8x10  op  $445 fr

From Kimball... 8x10  op  $385 fr

Light Spot  30x40 oc  $4,200

Ogden Pond  9x12  ap  $430

Sheep Pasture  8x10  ap  $320

Spring Sky  10x12  oc  $480

Taylor's Farm, Riley  18x24   oil  SOLD