Jeff Foster

NEW! Featured in current exhibit, "Swan Song"


Cracker Box  10.5x10.5  mm sculpture  $450

Displaced  10x12  vintage framed  $200

Industry  9x3  mm sculpture  $400

Memory Squared  3.5x3  mm sculpture  $400

Pyramid  5.5x6.5  mm sculpture  $400

Same Old Song  10x12  vintage framed  $200

Soft  12x10  vintage framed  $200

Solar System  3x6  mm sculpture  $400

The Ear  7x7  mm sculpture  $400

The Eye  8x5  mm sculpture  $400

The Heart  8.5x7  mm sculpture  $400

The Wind  18x5.5  mm  $500

Time Machine  4x3  mm sculpture  $400

Tuned Out  14x10  mm sculpture  $400

Digital Paintings:

Circus Girl  20x16  digital painting  $220 fr

Come to the Table 12x13  digital painting  $145 fr

Conviction 12x12  digital painting  $185 

Energy Crisis  13x16  digital painting  $240 fr

Glass House  17x12  digital painting SOLD

Karma  16x20  digital painting  $260 fr

Landscape  13x15  digital painting  SOLD

Mind Over Matter  19x13  digital painting  $170 fr

Native American  12x14  digital painting  SOLD

Negative 4  13x19  digital painting  $155 fr

Provenance  20x12  digital painting  SOLD

Sensei  18x12  digital painting  $215 fr

Surreal  15x15  digital painting  SOLD

Your Move  12x14  digital painting  $175 fr