James Munce Small Etchings

8 x 2   intaglio etching  4x3  $125(uf)  $200(fr)

8 x 2   intaglio etching  4x3  $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Bright Cloud   intaglio etching  3.5x3.25   $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Fat Frog and Firefly  intaglio etching   2.75x4   $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Full House  intaglio etching   3x4   $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Grey Day  intaglio etching   3.25x4.5   $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Four Peppers   1x4  intaglio etching  $50 (uf)  $150 (fr)

Frog and Foliage  intaglio etching   5.5x3   $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Leaning  intaglio etching   3.5x2.5   $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Night Blooms  intaglio etching   9.75x5.75   $175(uf)  $280(fr)

Swatters I   13x6.25  intaglio etching  $200 (uf)  $350 (fr)

Swatters II   13x6.25  intaglio etching  $200 (uf)  $350 (fr)

Tall Tree   4x1  intaglio etching  $50 (uf)  $150 (fr)

Three Peppers   1.5x2.75  intaglio etching  $50 (uf)  $150 (fr)

Two Peppers   2x1.5  intaglio etching  $50 (uf)  $150 (fr)

Tyger  intaglio etching   7.25x2.5   $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Two Part Invention with Predator   intaglio etching   3x10.5   $125(uf)  $200(fr)

Winter Stream   1.5x2.75  intaglio etching  $50 (uf)  $150 (fr)