James Munce Garage Bestiary

A is for Ant, Anteaters, Aardvark, Armadillo, Antelope, Alpaca, and Auk. B is just for Bunny  8x9  etching  $275

C is for the Christmas Crocodilians  8x9  etching $275

D is for Dogs, Dromedary, and Durer  8x9  etching $275

E is for Elephant and F is for Frog  8x9 etching  $275

G is for Giraffes and Godzillas 8x9  etching etching  $275

H is for the Halloween Hedgehog  8x9  etching  $275

I is for Insects on Independence Day  8x9  etching  $275

J is for Jaguar, K is for Kangaroos, L is for Leopard, M is for Mice and Moths  8x9  etching  $275

N is for Narwhale and O is for Octopus  8x9  etching  $275

P is for a Penguin lynch mob  8x9  etching  $275

Q is for Quail  8x9  etching  $275

R is for Rhinos  8x9  etching  $275

S is for Snakes, T is for Tortoise  8x9  etching  $275

U is for Ursus Amercanus, Ursus Arctos Maritimus, and Ursus Thibetanus  8x9  etching  $275

V and W are for two VW's in Springtime  8x9  etching  $275

X is for Xtinct  8x9  etching  $275

Y is for two Yaks a-leaping  8x9  etching  $275

Z is for Zorro and his Zebras  8x9  etching $275