Glissando  11x11  wc  $575 fr

Ponticello  18x11.5  wc  $880 fr

Secco  10x18  wc  $730 fr

Hydrangea White 12x8 wc  $355 fr

Lily White  8.5x12  wc  $390 fr

Loco White  7.75x12  wc  $425 fr

Grass Garden Garage  5x18  wc  $450 fr

Primrose White  5x18  wc  $450 fr

Primrose White 2  6x18  wc  $525 fr

Autumn River  3x18  wc  $250 fr

Bottoms 34  12.5x1.5  wc  $175 fr

Double or Nothing  2x13  wc  $150  fr

October Warm  2.5x18.5  wc  $250 fr

On a Roll  2.5x12.5  wc  $150 fr

Over the Edge  12.5x2.5  wc  $180 fr

Tuscon  3x18  wc  $210 fr

AZ Pine  21x14  wc  $800 fr

See Through  10x7  wc  $300 fr

Pencil Rows  12.25x1.5  wc  $160 fr


Cordgrass  6x9  wc  $175 fr

Prickley Pear 4  20x14  wc  $435 fr

Fernacacia  12x7.5  wc  $250 fr

Shin Dagger  4x4  mm  $225 fr

Narrow Leaf Agave  14x5  wc  $140 uf

Skyrocket  6x5.25  wc  $150 fr

Tulips White  18 x 24  wc  $850

Two Pinecones  10x14  wc  $275 fr


Chains One  18.25x2.5  wc  $250 fr

Corrosion Green  18.25x2.5  wc  $250 fr

Eating Away  18.25x2.5  wc  $250 fr

In the Shade  18.25x2.5  wc  $250 fr

Rust Shadows  18.25x2.5  wc  $250 fr


After Wanamaker  12x12  wc  $240  fr

Trust Me Warrior 12x12 wc $240 fr


Prairie Quilt  8.5x3  wc  SOLD

Prairie Red #2  8.5x3  wc  $155 fr

Prairie Red #1  8.5x3  wc  $155 fr

Crowing 10 x 14  wc  $425

From the Ground Up 5x3  wc  $350 fr

Green Line  5x3  mm  $170 fr