A Balancing of Color  18x36  ac  $2,600 fr

A Delicious View  24x18  ac  $1,900

A Parting of Neutrality  12x18  ac  $945

A Path Less Traveled, Least by a Solanum Melongena  20x24  ac  $2,100

Bowl of Goodness  24x36  ac  $3,200

Illuminated From Within  24x36  ac  $3,200 fr

It's All the Rage in Durango  18x24  oc  $1,900

Lemon Sky  16x20  ac  $1,400

Lemons Over Mesa Verde  16x20  oc  $1,400

Lovely Thunder  20x48  ac  $3,500 fr

Mountain View  10x10  ac  $550 fr

Sand Plums and Thunderhead  18x14  ac  $1,100

Valley View  24x24  ac  $2,200 fr