George Jerkovich Horizontals

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390th Road, Ottawa Co

After the Harvest, Kipp

Before the Rain


Calm after the Storm

Castle Rock 2

Castle Rock, Ellsworth Co., Ks

Castle Rock

Cattle, Dusk, Passage into night

Cattle, Hills 2

Cheyenne Bottoms

Coronado Heights Shelter

Coronado view, Fall

Coronado view, Spring

Country Road

Donmeyer Road Sunflowers

Earth, Stone, Sky

End of Day

Field, Ellsworth Co

Field, Flowers

Flint Hills, Chase Co

Flowers 3

Fox Creek School

Grasses 5

Grasses, Ellsworth

Harvested Field

Hay, winter, Barton Co

Hills Saline Co

Hills, Cattle, Dusk

Hills, Ellsworth Co, Ks

House, Tree, Windmill

Ice, Sunset

Iconic Harvest 3

Impending Storm, Ottawa Co

Konza Praire Sunset

Lake 2

Lake, Hill, Tree, Ottawa Co. Ks

Limestone House Collapsed

Looking East at Sunset, Saline Co

lower fox creek

Lower Fox Schoolhouse b&w

Millenial Dawn Salemsborg Church

Milo, Sky, Saline Co


Monument Rocks, Gove County, Ks

Near Nicodemus

Niles Road, Saline Co, ks

Osborne Co, Farm


Pasture at Dusk

Pasture, Pond


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Prairie Flowers 2

Prairie Flowers 7

Prairie Flowers

Prairie, Rock, Sumac

Ranch, Ellsworth Co

Reflected Pond, Sunset

Road and Sky 1

Road and Sky 2

Rocks Clouds, Chase Co

Salemsborg Church fall

Salemsborg, Winter

Saline River, Ottawa Co

Sandstone and Grasses

Sandstone Ellsworth

Sandstone House 

Sandstone House 

Shelter Belt

Silver Lined Clouds

Sky, Wheat, Harvest


Smoking Field 2

Smoking Field

Snowy Field

Stream, Riley Co

Sumac 1

Sumac and Prairie

Sunflower 1

Sunflower 2

Sunflower 5

Sunflower, Bluestem

sunset 824

Thanksgiving Day

Tree, Fall, Smoky Hill River, Saline Co

Truck, Saline Co

View from Coronado

View from the Hill, Saline Co KS

View from the Hill

Waiting to be Picked up

Water and Sky

Wheat 3

Wheat and Storm

Wilson Sunset

Winter 2

Winter View, Coronado Heights, Saline Co