Eric Abraham

A Semi-philosophical Statement

by a Maker of Semi-Functional Ceramic Objects 

Each artist interprets into his art that which is important to his own psychological existence. As an interpretive artist, I must retain an awareness and receptiveness to life and its experiences in order to create. Personally, I attempt to interpret the lighter, more imaginative and amusing aspects of the human existence into art forms which enhance, uplift and bring pleasure into the beholder's existence. Art takes many forms, all, I believe, are needed: but each individual chooses his own direction, as a leader, an independent or a follower of the pack, as his needs dictate. I have chosen an independent direction apart from the mainstream of contemporary ceramics.

My primary medium is clay, which I have worked with since I was three or four years old, and formally since 1960. I have had extensive experience with other media, which are sometimes combined with clay. Due to the self-sufficient nature of an artist's lifestyle, I tend to be very adaptable with materials and aesthetics which are heavily influenced by a combination of images derived from the essence of the Baroque and Rococo periods as well as other highly decorative historical eras, including "primitive" cultures, naive art and nostalgia. To be brief, I try to enjoy and have some fun with my work. I find it very rewarding to be able to share my work and aesthetics with others.