Eleanor Heimbaugh

The contrast in industrial landscapes while journeying back and forth from a rural area to the city has been a constant inspiration for my work.  Visual relics and artifacts depict the past and present of life’s journey.  The series Artifacts of Reflection encourages the viewer to question what they are looking at, attempt to define, and place within the context of their world.  Each chosen image, form, texture pattern, and surface treatment, combines into a suggestive work that provides visual clues for the individual’s memory palette.  The process of creating is filled with discovery and problem solving.   The ceramic forms are patched together with selected scraps of clay, enriched with additions of faded color, and impressions that add layers of transparency.  The aesthetic of the forms embrace the legacy of tradition, surviving the passage of time, and the beauty within this process.   

My work focuses on textures, imagery, and forms that we are surrounded by every day.  From the most secluded habitat to the largest city in the world, industrial linear patterns are everywhere.  They are a reflection of the people and the place, the population and the time.  We often pay little if any attention to these individual and unique landmarks in passing.  My work encourages the viewer to pause, stop, and embrace the freedom to discover and reflect..