Devin Roberts (b. 1984)   is a contemporary realist painter based out of Wichita, Kansas and recently relocated from the Hood Canal of Washington state.  Devin is primarily known for his blend of tonalism and impressionism both in his landscape paintings and his still lifes.  Although considered a  self taught artist;  over the years Devin has been fortunate enough to study with prominent painters such as Jim Lamb, Susan Bari Price, and Mitch Albala. 

Influenced by a wide range of artists all the way from George Inness, Toulouse Lautrec, Thomas Moran to more modern painters such as Mian Situ, Jim McVicker and C.W. Mundy.  

“ I enjoy painting realistic images that border on faithful representation with a blend of imagination, my goal is to tap into the emotional connection that we feel to certain places and certain scenes.”  -Devin

Devin’s technical process is ever evolving.   He currently puts a focus on beginning his paintings from life, either from a study done on location or from the model in the studio.   He then takes these studies and uses them as the reference for his studio paintings.   The studio paintings are created with the aid of these references, by memory or by imagination.  

Devin’s painting process begins with a block in of the big shapes in transparent color washes. He prefers to do his drawing this way as opposed to using a pencil or line.   Devin then builds up these value shapes with a mixture of brushwork and texture using a palette knife.   After those layers dry he finishes the Oil paintings with a mixture of glazes and scumbles.  

“ I am really excited to see what the future holds,  I know no matter what changes I go through in life, the thing that remains constant within me is my love and dedication to painting and preserving the landscape”. -Devin 

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NEW! View Artist's Gallery