Dean Kube

Acrylic on Panel:

Aching To Be Free  48x36  acrylic on birch  $5,000

The Pattern Was Endlessly Repeated  40x30  ap  $3,000

What is Beauty Performance with a Blue Fan  42x36  ab  $5,000

Essence  30x40  ap  $3,000

Pastels on Paper:

Boosheet  20x12  pastel  $1,600

Composition 2  19x37  pastel $2,300

Female in Drapery  26x19  pastel  $2,200

Female Torso  19.5x25.5  pastel  $1,800 fr

Mara  25.5x19.5  pastel  $1,900 fr

Figure with Chair  25x29  pastel  $1,800 fr

Le Persbytere 1  19x25  pastel $1,900

Figure on Wooden Chair  19x25  pastel $2,200

Nude Female 2  36x23  oil on wood  $3,000

Nude Figure on Striped Bed #2  22x25  pastel  $1,800 fr

Nude in Doorway  34.75x19  pastel  $1,800 fr

Nude with Hat  19x25  pastel  $1,800 fr

Red Room (Matt)  21x14  oil on wood  $1,300

Seated Figure on Wooden Chair #2  25.5x19.5  pastel  $1,800 fr

Standing Figure  30x19  pastel  $2,100 fr

Study of Nude Female 1  19x8 pastel $900

Study of Noelle on Couch #1  19x25  pastel  $1,500 fr

The Unknown (Lyle in Red)  20x18 oil on wood  $1,450

Untitled  40x23  pastel  $2,600 fr