NEW! Featured in current exhibit, "Only the Best"

Carved Bottles, Set of 3 (#34)  ceramic  $1,800

Egg (#79)  ceramic  $600

Large Bowl (#78)  ceramic  $120

Ewer (#80)  ceramic  $375

Red Bottle (#35)  ceramic  $450

Red Bottle, small (#81)  ceramic  $250

Red Perfume Bottle (#36)  ceramic  $800

Red Vase (#82)  ceramic  $250

Large display ceramics:

Perfume Bottle II  80x17x17  ceramic   $6,500

Chiminey Rock Bottle  53x11x11  ceramic  $3,250

Nefertiti  83x20x20  ceramic  $6,000*

(*not currently at the gallery, but may still be available)

Dendritic Bottle  56x10x10  ceramic  $2,800

Prairie Grasses  35x11x11  ceramic  $925

Prairie Grasses  35x11x11  ceramic  $925

Tall White Double Footed Vase  28x11x5  ceramic  $600

Green Prairie Pod  12x16x16  ceramic  $625

Textured Green Covered Jar  17x10x10  ceramic  $350

Textured Large Pod  17x17x17  ceramic  $600

Red Textured Swirl Vase  17x15x15  ceramic  $650

Smaller display ceramics:

Black and White Crawl Bowl  3.5x12.5x12.5  ceramic  $70

Black and White Crawl Bubble Vase  15x6.5x6.5  ceramic  $160

Medium Black and White Crawl Vase  ceramic  $45

Black and White Crawl Bowl-- small  3x6x6 ceramic  $40

Black and White Crawl Pod Vase  5x6.5x6.5  ceramic  $45

White Dendritic Vase  11x5x5  ceramic  $70

Black and White Crawl Vase  5x6.5x6.5  ceramic  $75 ea.

Ewer-- Black and White Crawl Glaze  17x7x5  ceramic  $140

White Dendritic Tulip Vase  11x6x6  ceramic  $80

Smaller functional ceramics:

Assorted Tea Bowls  5-4 in.  ceramic  $60-$40 ea.

Stein  6x4x4  ceramic  $38 ea.

Brown Ash Mugs  4x5x5  ceramic  $25 ea.

Assorted Tiny Trivets  .5x5x5  ceramic  $10 ea.

White Crawl Glaze Cloche  2x4.5x4.5  ceramic  $30

Assorted Tiny Pots  3x3x3  ceramic  $20 ea.

White Crawl Glaze Round Box- small/medium  3x4x4/3x5x5  ceramic $40/$45