My work depicts primarily the Kansas landscape with an emphasis on the Flint Hills and Southeast region of the state. I strive to visually contradict the popular belief that Kansas is flat and uninteresting. It's the simple beauty of the area that keeps me painting day after day. Obviously the rolling hills and majestic skies provide daily inspiration for new work and drive me to solve the artistic issues of color and light, but the land provides more than that. Small details such as the sun hitting creek grass, or the reflection of a distant pond is both exciting and peaceful to me. My main goal for a painting is to have the viewer feel the peace and see the beauty that is so easily missed in our hectic lives.


Originally from St. Louis, Cristine has studied drawing and painting from the age of 12. Her early art education came from private art instructors and workshops at Washington University and the St. Louis Art Museum. She later studied Fine Arts and Art Education at the University of Kansas. Her appreciation for the uniqueness of people, as well as nature, is conveyed in each portrait or landscape painting. Cristine has a constant fascination with solving the problems of light, composition, and color in each painting and drawing endeavor.