Artist Statement:

I have always been interested in the way memory and perception influences the experience of a subject.  For me the night provides a veil that inhibits awareness of context; form is obscured by atmosphere, and a dynamic of uncertainty takes over.  

In the process of searching for meaningful visual elements, I found that a direct representational approach did not create the unique portrait of the night that I wanted. Rather, the process itself needed to embrace a balance of both visual and emotional experience so that each work would present its own discrete reality.  As I search, objects become violent portraits of brick and steel or fragile private islands under the enveloping blackness of the sky.  By using perception and memory, darkness becomes more intriguing and mysterious than the certainty of light, and what is exposed lends itself as familiar yet transposed Mid-western portraits of solitude.  Painting to me is an expression of these tangible, memorable experiences.