Clive Fullagar

NEW! Featured in upcoming exhibit, "Only the Best"

Dipping Down to Water  15x27  op  $1,020 uf

Second Sunset  14x36  oc  $1,360 fr

Sundial  15x32  oc  $1,300 fr

Featured in current exhibit, "The Lyrical Prairie"

Aggieville Boogie Woogie  18x31  oc  $1,760

Welcome to the Club  22x32  oc  $1,760

Hello & Goodbye 22x33  oc  $1,800

Outside the Box  32x48 oil on paper $2,265 fr

Burn I  8x34  op  $880 fr

Burn II  8x34  op  SOLD

Blue River Reflections  26x14  op  $1,100 fr*

Reflections on the Strip  26x15  op  $1,160 fr

The Antipathy of Faith  30x42  oc  $2,900 uf

American Bull  38x38  oc  $3,970  uf

American Bull II (At Hales Gates)  22x35  oc  $1,925

A Winter Silence  24x48  oc  $2,650 fr

Before the Burn  24x48  oc  $2,400

Cloud Burst  24x48  oc  $2,650

Creek and Cove II  20x40 oc $2,170

First Frost  24x36  oc  $1,990

Wallow  20x36  oc  $1,970

Hale's Gates  24x36  oc  $2,200 fr

Wallow II  26x38  oc  $2,717  uf

Tuttle III  24x36  oc  $2,200 fr