Christina Lamoureaux

Bird Platter  8x13  stoneware  SOLD

Caravan Horse  12x20x26  mm  SOLD

Choreography of the Crane  clay, wood, glass  $4,500

Dance with Horse  30x42  oc  $2,600 fr

Guardian  22x22  oc  $2,400 fr

Horse Platter  8x13  ceramic, encaustic  $250

Horse Soldiers  18x24x18  mm  $1,200 ea., $4,500 for set

In a Child's Hands are Dreams and Visions   48x59  ac, oc  $5,000 fr

Nee  24x24x16  ceramic and found object  $2,500

Network Horse  31x31x12  mm  $2,400

Northwind Horses  12x10x6  mm  $1,500

Southwind Horses  16x12x10  mm  $1,800

Stonehouse  48x56  mm (oc and ceramic)  $5,000 fr

Snow Shaker  49x59  ac, oc  $5,000 fr

The Conversation, Swan Horses  16x12x10  ceramic  $1,800