Process Statement:

My current artwork is a culmination of over thirty years with a camera in my hands, and an earnest study of photographic history. The pieces are sheets of dark brown steel, painted with many layers of gold paint, providing a textured and luminous underpainting for my photograph. I am then printing the photograph on top of this painted surface allowing the gold to shine through. This results in an image that is ever changing, both with the lighting because of the luminosity and with the viewing angle because of the texture. Photographically my images are about space and light and are not meant to be about specific location, but to recall a sense or memory of place. They are metaphors for the space in-between where things are subtly beautiful if we pause long enough to pay attention.  

Because of my desire to continuously explore new images and to create only original pieces I print my images only once per size in the five sizes that I work in, which means I have a constantly changing gallery of works available.

Talking Points:

View Artist Gallery

View Artist Gallery

• Each piece is an original. I work in four standard sizes and print an
image no more than once per size.
• The work begins as a plate of brown powder coated steel that I paint
with many layers of gold acrylic paint, then after the surface is
prepared I print a semi-transparent photograph (or combination of
photographs) onto the paint layer.
• I remove details from the image that give it a specific location. They
are not meant to be literal but rather a memory or sense of place,
space, and light.
• Each piece is framed with archival materials including museum glass.
• Museum glass blocks 99% of U.V. rays and is exceptionally clear so
the pieces can have natural light. However, the glass can not be
cleaned with an amonia based cleaner, and micro-fiber cloth is
usually all that is necessary.