Campfire on the Kaw 15x30  ac  $1,800 fr

Canopy of Light at the Salt Well  12x16  oc  $800

Golden Leaves  6x8  oc  $350 fr

Grazing Across from Ralph's Ruts  16x20  oc  $1,100 fr

Lavender Mist - Tribute to T Kegler  8x16  oc  $685

Morning Refraction  20x30  oc  $1,700 fr

Oh, Give Me a Home  24x30  ac  $2,200 fr

Port of Waverly  6x8  oc  $350

Prose of the Prairie  24x24  ac  SOLD

Rain Along the Cimarron  8x10  oc  $595

Rainstorms Along the Trail  9x12  oc  $650

Reverie  24x30  ac  SOLD

Sunset at Pawnee Rock  4x5  oc  $175

Sunset Study  4x6  oc  SOLD

Along the Way  10x12  oc  $650

Barn at Clements  9x12  ap  $550

Blue Stream  9x12  oc  $750

Grandma's Pond  9x12  oc  $675

Heartland 2  16x20  op  $1,050

Infused with Dusk  12x12  ac  $700

Ironweed  15x30  oc  $1,800

River Birch  11x4  ac  $650  uf

Rainy the Day  8x16  oc  $800

Sienna  30x24  ac  $2,600 fr

Reprise of Dusk  8x16  op  $695

Whispers of Dusk  8x10  oc  $595

Yesterday's Dream  24x30  ac  $2,200