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Barn Near Eudora  24x36  ac,wc  $950

Barn Near Eudora  24x36  ac,wc  $950

Cattle Hay Barn  10x20  ac,wc  $240

Farley Grain Elevator  6x12  ac,wc  $125

Godfrey Barn  9x12  ac,wc  $165

Jost Barn  12x12  ac,wc  $215

Nisley Barn  12x12  ac,wc  $215

Flint Hills Fall Sunrise  12x24  ac,wc  $315

Midwest Grain Elevator  12x24  ac,wc  SOLD

Quinter Kansas Barn  24x24  ac,wc  SOLD

Early Morning Barn  20x24  ac,wc  $530

Green Roof  12x12  ac, wc  $215

Lane Barn in Moonlight  11x14  ac  $385 fr

Light Before The Storm  30x30  ac,wc  $855

Miami County Barn  8x10  ac  $235 fr

Red Barns  24x24  ac  $625 uf